• Cooking Show

آشپزی - طرز تهیه کباب گوشت مرغ Ashpazi - Kabab Gosht Morgh

Ashpazi - Ball Morgh - آشپزی - طرز تهیه بال مرغ
Ashpazi - chicken chilli - آشپزی - طرز تهیه چکن چیلی
Ashpazi - Borani Kado - آشپزی - طرز تهیه برانی کدو
Ashpazi - Kabab Ball Morgh Va Zereshk Polo - آشپزی - طرز تهیه کباب بال مرغ و زرشک پلو
Ashpazi - Brinj Maska-e Ba Dolma Morgh - آشپزی - طرز تهیه برنج مسکه یی با دولمه مرغ
Ashpazi - Motabbal Ba Salad Lablabo - آشپزی - طرز تهیه متبل با سلاد لبلبو
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  • Cooking Show

    Cooking show is presented in a new format, airing live afternoons at 4Pm.  A professional chef will teach viewers how to cook different local and international dishes.

     The show’s presenter will explain the steps in preparation and presentation. The presenter give details on the food and methods of preparation.

     The foods prepared will be determined by viewer demand, and will be chosen with the limitations of Afghanistan in mind.  The aim is to allow even low income families to be able to prepare these dishes at a very low cost.

    This show will be on air from 4:00 to 4:30 PM.

    The show all episodes are publishing in 1TV Youtube Channel at for those who are not able to watch it on TV.

    Bashir Farhad:

    Is one of the best presenters in Afghanistan media segment with the experience of years.

    His talent in cooking and his way of communication made him a famous face with lots of fans.


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